What is WERN?

WERN, the Waco Employer Resource Network, is comprised of local job training programs, social service agencies, staffing agencies and employers that collaborate to help job seekers find full-time jobs more quickly, provide support to individuals to maintain employment, and offer employers a central point of contact to access the services of local agencies to fill job openings and reduce turnover among entry-level employees.
The Network has two staff dedicated to facilitating Network meetings and connecting employees to local resources. The Network’s Liaison, Katy Schulz, focuses on facilitating monthly meetings and recruiting employers to become part of the Network. The Network’s Success Coach works to connect employees to local resources to ensure that they are stable workers and productive citizens.
What is the role of partner agencies?
Local job training programs, social service agencies and staffing agencies are called WERN partner agencies. Partner agencies are organizations in the community that provide individuals with a variety of support services with the goal to prepare individuals for the workforce and have those individuals successfully keep employment.
By joining WERN as a partner agency, your organizations will be able to:
  • connect your clients to job openings
  • build relationships with local employers
  • coordinate with other partner agencies to better effectively serve individuals

Who are the partner agencies?

“I have been an active WERN member since its inception and I couldn’t be more proud to see it become the vehicle to help so many people in the community. As a staffing agency, we see a diverse employee base and want to see the employees have success on the job. Their success depends on the impression they have on the employer that we place them with. When those life problems happen and we can get them in touch with the WERN Success Coach, it means the possibility for them to have a job for long period of time.  The successes I have seen in such a short period of time is a testament to the commitment of the members of WERN.” Tanya Walls, Jack of All Trades
Become part of WERN!

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