Did you know that it is estimated to cost more than $5,000 to replace one employee?

Do you have employees who:
  • request an advance on a paycheck or a 401K loan
  • continue to be late or never show up
  • come to you with personal problems
  • experience disciplinary issues due to lack of soft skills

WERN can help!


 If you are an employer and have productive employees who could use additional support and connection to local resources, WERN is here to help. Through the Network’s Success Coach, WERN is able to come on-site or meet with your employee at a neutral location to stabilize the situation and assist the employee in reaching self-sustainability through connection to local resources.
Who are the member companies of WERN?

“It takes a combined effort of individuals, businesses and services to improve our community. As a business member in the Waco Community, I believe it is important to support and participate in our area programs such as WERN.  As an employer, we provide a destination for individuals who are working through the WERN partner agencies.  As an individual, I believe we need to work together to provide opportunities and create programs to support those in need.  These programs are successful when we collaborate and share our resources.” – Scott Vernon, Domtar

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