Waco ISD, MCC, TSTC take on college drop-out rate through TSI placement exam

The Texas Success Initiative, also known as the TSI, is a required test for new students entering college who didn’t have high enough scores on their ACT or SAT. Students placed in remedial courses after taking the Texas Success Initiative computer-based course placement exam are 75 percent less likely to complete college than those who manage to avoid those courses, according to Waco ISD’s Advanced Academics director. TSI determines if students will have to take remedial or developmental classes when entering college.

Waco Independent School District, McLennan Community College and Texas State Technical College have partnered with Prosper Waco to help students successfully pass the TSI on a local level, and hurdle what their testing officials call a barrier to higher education. Education officials are working to get the test into hands of students earlier, and talking with parents and students what is expected of them on the test.

The Project Link Oversight Committee is working to incorporate TSI testing into aspects of the Project Link program, as the TSI test is a requirement for students to enroll in dual-credit classes. “The other thing we’re doing is, between the director for AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination), myself and the curriculum department, is we’ve been developing a systemic TSI plan about when are these kids going to test so we can make sure every kid is testing and every kid knows it’s an expectation and every teacher knows what it is,” Scott McLanahan, Waco ISD’s Advanced Academic Director, said.

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