The mission of WERN is to provide holistic, personalized support to local employers and employees, ensuring a strong, sustainable workforce for today and for the future.

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In 2017, the City of Waco awarded Caritas of Waco and Heart of Texas Goodwill Industries, Inc. pilot funding to employ WERN staff members. The Network’s Liaison, Katy Schulz, focuses on facilitating monthly meetings and recruiting employers to become part of the Network. The Network’s Success Coach works to ensure that employees are stable and productive.

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What is the role of the Success Coach?

The WERN Success Coach supports, assists and encourages each employee to overcome barriers to employment. The Success Coach connects employees to company, public and nonprofit resources such as:
  • childcare
  • transportation
  • housing
  • education (GED, ESL)
  • utility assistance
  • job training
The Success Coach can be rapidly deployed to work directly with employees struggling in various personal and professional situations. All information shared with the Success Coach is confidential so employees feel safe and comfortable.
Read how the Success Coach helped an employee in an emergency situation:
“I have been a supervisor for 11 years and was struggling financially until I got connected to the WERN Success Coach. I was living on my relative’s kitchen floor, but a Success Coach was able to help me locate affordable housing and recoup funds I had paid to previous apartment companies. Because of the support he was able to connect me to, I am now on my way toward financial freedom and was able to keep my employment.” – employee of local company



What is the role of the Liaison?

The Liaison is the central point of contact for employers to call if they want to explore the benefits of utilizing a Success Coach. The Liaison works with WERN member employers to send out career opportunities to the Network and coordinates monthly Network meetings focused on bridging the gap between local employers and local resources to support employees. In addition, the Liaison gives presentations to organizations about getting connected to WERN and its support. 



Meet Success Coach Cletha Tyler

An employee for more more than 17 years wanted to quit to access retirement funds due to the medical care cost for her son. The Network’s Success Coach referred her to a local medical program which saved her nearly $600 a month. By saving that amount of money, the employee has reduced financial stress and has kept her job.


A middle-aged employee contacted the Success Coach for job coaching. With his help, she decided to pursue her GED and immediately began the class. She will take the test very soon and will advance in her job as a result. Update: She did it and got promoted too!



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