The National Institute for Literacy suggests that if early language difficulties are resolved by age three or four, it is less likely academic challenges will emerge later in life. In fact, if foundational skills are properly taught during early childhood, as few as 5% of children will experience serious reading difficulty, compared to the current levels of 20-30%.


Mayborn Museum Complex Collaboration

On July 3, Baylor University’s Mayborn Museum Complex hosted their Free Sunday event and featured the Vroom app! An estimated 1,200 people attended Free Sunday and all were introduced to the app via Vroom activities in each exhibit room and a table out front with Vroom flyers and where they can get more information. The brain building activities will be placed in the exhibits throughout the month of July so make sure to go visit!

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To help address the Prosper Waco Kindergarten Readiness goal, Prosper Waco community partners such as Waco ISD, Baylor University Piper’s Center, MCC Child Development, YMCA and others, are teaming up to raise awareness about the importance of each child being prepared for Kindergarten and how the app Vroom is one tool that can help with that process.

Vroom is a free app for community members to download via smartphone, tablet or computer and provides adults with daily age-appropriate activities they can do with their infant, toddler and preschooler to help prepare the child to thrive. The activities are based on things already existing in the house, such as pots & pans, so there aren’t any costs associated with Vroom! There is also a science-based background with each activity, allowing the adult to understand how the activity is promoting brain development within the child.

The brain starts to develop at age zero and as a community, we can work together to help children thrive in school, attain post-secondary success and become a productive and successful employee.

As a business or organization, here are a few ways you can help promote Vroom:

  • Dropbox Folder
  • Contained in this dropbox folder is everything you need to help promote Vroom. From posters to notecards, these bilingual materials allow your employees the opportunity to learn about one tool that can help prepare their infant, toddler or preschooler to thrive. If you wish to share these Vroom activities with others, please do not alter or edit them in any way. In order to preserve scientific accuracy, Vroom activities should always appear verbatim, exactly as they are written here, and in their entirety, including the brainy backgrounds. If these activities are shared, Vroom acknowledgement and attribution is requested and appreciated (via Vroom website).

  • Breakrooms
  • Place Vroom materials around your breakrooms so your employees can learn about one tool that can help prepare children for Kindergarten. Use the Vroom stickers we have provided you to display your commitment to promoting this parenting tool.

  • Conversations
  • Provide Vroom flyers in the new hire packets to further the message that as an employer or community organization, you are committed to giving each person the opportunity to learn more about Vroom.

  • Contact us
  • If you want more information about the app, want to learn how you can get physical copies of the activities for your employees and receive the Vroom stickers, please email Christina Helmick or call 254-741-0081.

If you are an employer or organization and you are promoting the use of Vroom in your workplace, please fill out the form below. We want to make sure we accurately display who is promoting Vroom in our community.

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When you place Vroom information around your workplace, make sure to take a picture and use #Vroom254 on your social media platforms!

Join other local businesses in the Waco community promoting Vroom!

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