Working Groups

Access to Care Working Group

The Access to Care Working Group is comprised of health specialists, social service providers, and local hospital representatives who are working together to increase health insurance coverage and reduce the use of the emergency room for primary care.

Alliance for Safe Children

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Behavioral Health Leadership Team

The McLennan County Behavioral Health Leadership Team (BHLT) is comprised of leadership from the local mental health authority, healthcare providers, local government, and philanthropic foundations committed to aligning their resources to address mental health and substance abuse issues in our community. The BHLT works to implement recommendations of subcommittees of mental health practitioners.

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Case Management Working Group

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Early Childhood Working Group

The Early Childhood Working Group is a group of early education specialists, child care providers, social service providers, parents/guardians, and community volunteers who work together to align programs and resources to increase the percentage of children who are starting school “ready to learn.”

Education, Workforce, and Talent Alliance
Financial Empowerment

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Healthy Women & Children Coalition

The Health Women & Children Coalition is a dedicated group of health education specialists, social services, healthcare providers, and community volunteers who are working to increase the number of women who receive annual preventative care, reduce teen pregnancy, and reduce disparities in health outcomes of women of different races.

Informal Learning Working Group

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Live Well Waco

Live Well Waco is a robust group of social service and health education providers who have been working together for over five years on projects aimed at reducing adult and childhood obesity through promoting healthy eating and active living.

Mentor Waco Coalition

The Mentor Waco Coalition is a partnership of local organizations that offer mentoring programs. The coalition works to promote awareness of mentoring in the community, recruit mentors, provide high-quality training for those serving as mentors, and share data and best practices.

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Opportunity and Transitional Age Youth (OTAY)

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Our Community. Our Future.

In Fall 2016, the Children/Youth subcommittee of the Behavioral Health Leadership Team, under the leadership of MHMR’s Klaras Center for Families, was awarded a multi-year federal “system of care” grant. In 2017, the coalition began providing school-based mental health services in multiple local schools districts. The grant also provides resources for youth peer supports, a children’s mental health respite facility, and other services to improve the mental health of children and youth in our community.

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School Focused Wraparound Services

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Teacher Preparation Community of Practice

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Understanding Waco

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Waco Employer Resource Network (WERN)

This network is comprised of local job training programs, social service agencies, staffing agencies and employers that collaborate to help job seekers find full-time jobs more quickly, provide support to individuals to maintain employment, and offer employers a central point of contact to access the services of local agencies to fill job openings and reduce turnover among entry-level employees. To get connected to WERN, email Katy Schulz.

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