Working Groups

Access to Care Working Group

The Access to Care group aims to identify and reduce barriers to care for vulnerable health populations, including but not limited to women, teens, marginalized racial/ethnic groups, LGBTQ persons, individuals experiencing homelessness and other subpopulations affected by health inequities. This team emphasizes helping community members access the right care, at the right time, in the right place.

*To learn more about this working group contact Tiffiney Gray at

Alliance for Safe Children

The Alliance for Safe Children exists to coordinate efforts, identify gaps in services, and raise awareness about the impact of child abuse/neglect in McLennan County. These efforts are focused on prevention and on supporting agencies working with children and their families in order to decrease the prevalence of child abuse/neglect in our community.

*For more information about this group contact Kathy Reid at

Next meeting is April 28 at 2PM

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Bank On Waco Coalition

With support from the Cities for Financial Empowerment Fund, local banks are driving the Bank On Waco effort to increase financial literacy and access to banking services for low-income people in our community. To visit the Bank On Waco Coalition’s webpage, click here.

Behavioral Health Leadership Team

The McLennan County Behavioral Health Leadership Team (BHLT) is comprised of leadership from the local mental health authority, healthcare providers, local government, and philanthropic foundations committed to aligning their resources to address mental health and substance abuse issues in our community. The BHLT works to implement recommendations of subcommittees of mental health practitioners.

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BHLT did not meet in November as members continued to work toward a proposed crisis hub project. Here are summaries of two ongoing BHLT projects — CAPGI/Waco Connect and Continuity of Care (CoC) Team.

CAPGI / Waco Connect Update: The Waco Connect project team is working with partners at Family Health Center and MHMR to prepare operations and management plans to commence Phase 1 of the intervention in 2021. The planning team will continue to meet throughout the spring to align partners and plan operations to finance and launch Phase 2 launch later in the year.

CoC Team Update: The CoC Team project coordinator has made arrangements for a January 2021 interim report of data collected in 2020 through a discharge assessment form and 30-day follow-up phone surveys. The project will continue through 2021 with a final report in 2022, but this interim report will provide our first look at the data being collected about those seeking behavioral services in Waco. If you have questions, contact Ferrell Foster at



BHLT did not meet in October as members continued to work toward a proposed crisis hub project. Here are summaries of two ongoing BHLT projects — CAPGI/Waco Connect and Continuity of Care (CoC) Team.

CAPGI / Waco Connect Update: The Waco Connect steering team is continuing to ramp up for an anticipated spring 2021 implementation of the service program. The final days of 2020 represent a culmination of an eight-month collaborative design process whereby Prosper Waco has convened partners from the medical, behavioral health, and non-profit communities to develop an intervention that addresses mental health needs using resources and levers outside of medical institutions. The project team has been meeting with community investment stakeholders since late June to share the service model and the projected savings/cost avoidance that could be realized by reducing law enforcement resource use and emergency department visits by 20 percent among individuals enrolled in the Waco Connect service. Scott & White Health Plan has already demonstrated its perceived value of the intervention by pledging financial support to launch the service. We are continuing to follow up with remaining investment stakeholders to establish/stand up/launch the remaining phases of the project to get started next spring.

CoC Update: CoC project made an important step forward in October. Tarleton State-Waco’s Social Work Department made the first data available to Prosper Waco. This data is a compilation of data collected during discharge assessments and telephone survey follow-ups. CoC is a data-gathering project to help community leaders better understand behavioral/mental health needs in Greater Waco. The CoC Operations Team continued to meet weekly via Zoom in October. Five health organizations are partnering in the project — Ascension DePaul Center, Ascension Providence, Baylor Scott & White-Hillcrest, Cenikor, and Heart of Texas Region MHMR. Tarleton State University at Waco’s Department of Social Work is making phone survey calls to participating clients 30 days after discharge, and soon survey calls will begin also at 180 days after discharge.

Case Management Working Group

Many organizations in Greater Waco use case managers to remain in contact with and promote positive outcomes among clients. This provides important connections and services to some of our residents in greatest need. Greater collaboration and professionalism can support these case managers for the community’s common good.

If you’re interested in joining this working group, email Ferrell Foster at

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Early Childhood Committee

The Early Childhood Working Group exists to analyze the early childhood landscape and develop collaborative efforts to support high-quality early childhood services and supports. We foster student success through addressing early childhood environments, opportunities, family engagement, and resources that support whole child development.

*For more information about this group contact Gwen James at or Rachel Page at

Next meeting is April 8 at 2PM

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Education, Workforce, and Talent Alliance

Education is shaping students for productive adult living, and today’s students become tomorrow’s workforce. Prosper Waco is dedicated to aligning education and workforce goals in ways that value individuals as students who will become our emerging workforce. Community leaders with insight into how education connects with our future workforce make up this working group.

*For more information about this group contact Clay Springer at, Jennifer Branch at, or Chad Eggleston at

Next meeting is April 29 at 10AM

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Healthy Women & Children Coalition

The Healthy Women and Children Coalition is a dedicated group of health education specialists, social services and community volunteers who are working to increase the number of women who receive annual preventative care, reduce teen pregnancy and reduce disparities in health outcomes of women of different races.

*To learn more about this working group, contact Ashely Williams at

Informal Learning Working Group

The Informal Learning Group exists to promote and support coalition building among Waco area informal learning centers. We serve as a community mapping tool and database, assisting Prosper Waco in becoming a platform of opportunities in support of student success.

*For more information about this group contact Cindee Millard at

Next meeting is May 18 at 10AM

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Live Well Waco

Live Well Waco is a group of social service and health education providers who have been working together for over five years on projects aimed at reducing adult and childhood obesity and other chronic diseases through promoting healthy eating and active living.

*To learn more about this working group, contact Emily Green at

McLennan County College Access Network

McLennan County C.A.N. exists to increase the access to certificates and degree programs for students in McLennan County and to provide supports through completion of those programs and focus on the access to financial resources and college information for all students in McLennan County.

Next Meeting is April 28 at 2PM

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Neighbor to Neighbor

Neighbor to Neighbor began in response to the emotional needs of families due to COVID-19 and the shelter-in-place order. Neighbor to Neighbor is a fully online video series supporting Waco-McLennan County households by providing locally-driven video content discussing parent-child engagement tips, stress management techniques, school readiness support, and other social resources to help Waco families navigate parenting and home life. We’ve been busy over the past several months identifying topics and speakers to create local content—from your neighbors—to support the series.

If you are interested in leading a video discussion about a parenting or family engagement topic, please contact Tiffiney Gray at

Our Community Our Future

Our Community Our Future (OCOF) is a thriving System of Care Committee, established on SAMHSA’s System of Care core values and principles. Located in the Heart of Texas Region, OCOF creates a forum for local and regional child, adolescent, and young adult service providers to use collaboration to identify and fill gaps in the continuum of care for this vulnerable population. OCOF functions as an inter-agency entity, routinely meeting to enhance the collaborative capacity of community-wide service providers in order to pool resources, provide education, strengthen partnerships, and identify and seek available funding to address gaps in care for children and adolescents in our community.

*To learn more about this working group contact Telawna Kirbie at

School Focused Wrap-Around Services

The School Focused Wrap-Around Services working group exists to provide children and families the additional support services needed for student success. We foster student success by bridging the gap between student’s physical, social, and behavioral well-being and their academic success, creating a system with a broad approach to student support.

For more information about this group contact Sarah Pedrotti at or Josh Caballero at

Next meeting is April 30 at 9AM.

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Waco Employer Resource Network (WERN)

This network is comprised of local job training programs, social service agencies, staffing agencies and employers that collaborate to help job seekers find full-time jobs more quickly, provide support to individuals to maintain employment, and offer employers a central point of contact to access the services of local agencies to fill job openings and reduce turnover among entry-level employees.

*For more information about this group contact Tiffany Gallegos Whitley at

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Waco Mentoring Alliance

The Waco Mentoring Alliance exists to develop positive relationships with students that impact student success. We foster student success through the areas of academics, self-advocacy, and social and professional leadership skills.

*For more information about this group contact Travis Cheatham at or Rachel Martinez at

Next meeting is May 13 at 9AM

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