As part of a concentrated effort to support the campuses in the Transformation Zone, an alliance of more than a dozen faith-based organizations are coordinating efforts and activities to have a bigger impact not only on the students and families of the Zone campuses, but the entire community. Through the work of the Faith Alliance, faith-based organizations are providing volunteer support through mentoring. The Alliance is also exploring ways to expand efforts beyond offering people resources by providing a fund to assist  families in need that have been identified through Family Support Specialist within the zoned campuses.
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Examples of collaborative efforts
  • Stars Book Clubs: Stars Book Clubs is a collaborative network of churches and nonprofits that are helping coordinate encouraging mentoring relationships and academic support to at-risk students in our community. Volunteers throughout our community are meeting with elementary students once a week during the student’s lunch time to help provide targeted help in reading help as well as providing a caring, nurturing and the encouraging presence the students need to feel successful. Click here to donate to the Stars Book Club program.
  • Providing meals to Zone campuses: During the upcoming holidays seasons, the Faith Alliance is partnering to provide meals to students during the weeks in which the school campus is closed. Information about these meals (including time, date and location) will be shared once it becomes available. Click here to help provide students with meals during the holiday seasons. 


If you ideas of how the Faith Alliance can collectively impact the community, email Bryan Dalco ( or call 254-741-0081.
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The Faith Alliance newsletter is a tool to share information about resources, upcoming events and opportunities for people to get involved in Waco. Each month, this newsletter is sent to more than 40 faith-based organizations. To join this list, please email Bryan Dalco ( or call 254-741-0081.
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