Small City Economic Dynamism

Measuring “Economic Dynamism” is a way to evaluate a small city’s economic health and growth. The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta recently compiled a data set to help policymakers and practitioners gain a better understanding of their cities. The index is based on 14 indicators across four categories: demographics, economics, human capital, and infrastructure.

Waco, along with 244 other small U.S. cities, was ranked in the study. It received an Economic Dynamism Score of 4, the highest on the study’s scale. It was ranked 43rd overall out of 244 small U.S. cities.

The indicator data is available under “Interactive Data.” Scroll through to find information such as Waco’s ratio of in-migrants to out-migrants, improvement in percentage below poverty level, ratio of new firms to old firms and the ratio of in-commuters to out-commuters.