Results Academy 2019

Prosper Waco invites organizations to participate in this summer’s Results Academy. These workshops are designed to walk organizations through the basics of Results Based Accountability all the way through implementation and execution. Organizations that successfully complete all three workshops in July and August will be eligible for a series of private coaching sessions from one of Prosper Waco’s certificated Results Based Accountability (RBA) trainers – Max Waters and Dr. Brittany Fitz-Chapman.

Creating Change through Accountability
Join Prosper Waco for an introductory session about Results-Based Accountability. In this session, you’ll walk away with the understanding of the key concepts of RBA and how to use data to drive decision-making. We will explore the 2 kinds of accountability, 3 kinds of performance measures, and 5 core questions to “turn the curve.”

Performance Matters
This second session will focus on program level accountability and how to choose performance measures to best tell your organization’s story. We will work on answering the three key questions: How much? How well? Is anyone better off? – for your organization. You will walk away with a game plan on how to prove your impact to funders and the Waco community.

Implementing RBA into organizational Processes
During the third session, participants will learn how to implement Turn the Curve principles on an organizational scale by utilizing the five steps within RBA to go from ends to means. The participants will also utilize the language of accountability within an organizational setting to drive all work towards the desired result. Finally, the participants will understand the skill-set of Results-based Budgeting within an organization to steer the development of budgets within an organization at the population and performance levels by prioritizing criteria of specificity, leverage, values and reach.


Be on the look for updates and dates this Fall!