Below are updates from each working group that are given out at the steering committee meetings. If you would like more information about the updates, please call us at 254-741-0081.

Financial Security Updates

Waco Foundational Employment Network
WFEN Update_March2016
WFEN Update_May2016
WFEN Updates_June2016
WFEN Updates_August2016
WFEN Updates_October2016
WFEN Updates_Jan2017

CampusTown Waco Initiative
CTW Update_March2016
CTW Update_May2016
CTW Updates_December 2016
CTW Updates_January2017

Opportunity Youth
OY Updates_May2016
OY Updates_June2016
OY Updates_August2016
OY Updates_October2016
OY Updates_Nov2016
OY Updates_Dec2016

Health Updates

Live Well Waco (Obesity Work Group)
LWW Update_March2016
LWW Update_May2016
LWW Updates_June2016
LWW Updates_July2016
LWW Updates_August2016
LWW Updates_September2016
LWW Updates_October2016
LWW Updates_Dec2016
LWW Updates_Jan2017
LWW Updates_April2017

Access to Care Work Group
Access to Care Update_March2016
Access to Care Update_May2016
Access to Care Updates_ June2016
Access to Care Updates_August2016
Access to Care Updates_Sept2016
Access to Care Updates_Oct2016
Access to Care Updates_Nov2016
Access to Care Updates_Dec2016
Access to Care Updates_Jan2017
Access to Care Updates_Feb2017
Access to Care Updates_April2017

Women’s Health Work Group
Goal Setting & Strategies Update_March2016
Action Plan for Campaign_March2016
Draft Plan_May2016
Women’s Health Update_May2016
Women’s Health Update_August2016
Women’s Health Updates_September2016
Women’s Health Updates_October2016
Women’s Health Updates_Jan2017
Women’s Health Updates_Feb2017

Education Updates

School Readiness Work Group (formerly Kindergarten Readiness Work Group)
Kindergarten Readiness Update_March2016
Kindergarten Readiness Update_May2016
Kindergarten Readiness Updates_June2016
Kindergarten Readiness Updates_July2016
School Readiness Updates_August2016
School Readiness Updates_September2016
School Readiness Updates_October2016
School Readiness Updates_Nov2016
School Readiness Updates_Jan2017
School Readiness Updates Updates_Feb2017
School Readiness Udpates_March2017

College & Career Success Work Group (formerly Post-Secondary Work Group)
Post-Secondary Update_March2016
Post-Secondary Update_May2016
Post-Secondary Updates_June2016
College and Career Success Update_July2016
College and Career Success Updates_August2016
College and Career Success_September2016
College and Career Success_October2016
College and Career Success Updates_Jan2017
College and Career Success Updates_March2017
College & Career Success Updates_May2017

Community Support Group
Community Support for Children and Schools meeting – June 30, 2016
Community Support for Children and Schools Updates_October2016