Prosper Waco’s monthly show on WCCC-TV

The City of Waco has an outstanding public information department that produces content relevant to Waco residents across a variety of platforms, including the internet, television, and radio. The department’s cable channel, WCCC-TV, produces high-quality programming in HD designed to inform Wacoans about a wide range of issues. Prosper Waco is fortunate to have the opportunity to produce a monthly show dedicated to the initiative to keep community members up to date about the progress of the initiative and what to expect next. Over the last three months, we have visited with the chairs of our three steering committees to discuss the work of the committees as they develop the common agenda that will guide the Prosper Waco collective impact initiative. We have also heard from members of our community engagement council, which is working to find ways to ensure that all members of the community are included in this initiative and have the opportunity to contribute their thoughts and ideas about how to make our community better. You can watch the most recent video below, and be sure to check out previous episodes of the show on the WCCC-TV website.

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