The collective impact model focuses on nonprofit organizations, churches, employers, government agencies and civic groups collaborating together to reach the goals within the initiative. “Must Reads” center around the collective impact model. “In The News” articles align with the Prosper Waco initiative.

Tools identified for greater financial empowerment in Waco
By Suzii Paynter March The right tools, the right partners, and a Blueprint for Financial Empowerment help people move from a state of instability...
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Olson leading Prosper Waco adolescent health initiatives
Beth Olson has joined Prosper Waco’s staff as director of adolescent health programs. A native Wacoan and graduate of Waco public schools, Beth has...
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Will it be convergent or divergent post-pandemic?
By Dexter Hall Definition of divergent 1a: moving or extending in different directions from a common point: diverging from each other divergent paths. Definition of convergent 1: tending to move toward...
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Blueprint data tells sad story of inequity
By Hermann Pereira Working for Prosper Waco has been a very rewarding experience and has molded the way I view the community. We work...
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Transforming teacher preparation by applying an equity lens
By Mia O’Suji The subject of high-quality teacher preparation pathways has gleaned nationwide attention as stakeholders across the field of education seek to codify...
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Construction and hospitality training courses set for summer
By Tiffany Gallegos Whitley June is going to be a busy month recruiting for UpSkill Waco summer training. I’m excited to have Heaven Lee,...
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