The collective impact model focuses on nonprofit organizations, churches, employers, government agencies and civic groups collaborating together to reach the goals within the initiative. “Must Reads” center around the collective impact model. “In The News” articles align with the Prosper Waco initiative.

The James Brown Award goes to small business owners
By Dexter Hall The James Brown Award goes to . . . . James Joseph Brown, born in Barnwell, S.C., on May 3, 1933,...
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We all have mental health – it’s OK to not be OK – reach out for help
By Telawna Kirbie May is recognized nationally as Mental Health Awareness Month. Although I would advocate that mental health should be acknowledged and addressed...
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Mothers need more than flowers, jewelry, cards for Mother’s Day
By Tiffiney Gray As we celebrated Mother’s Day, I was filled with excitement and so much appreciation for my generous, intelligent, and amazingly patient mother and...
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Income levels relate to mental & physical health in McLennan, as elsewhere
By Jeremy Rhodes There are a host of studies that document the relationship between social class and various health measures in America. Those with...
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Dewey Center location helps student access UpSkill training
By Tiffany Gallegos Whitley We are in the midst of UpSkill Waco’s first industrial maintenance training course at the Dewey Recreation Center. It’s exciting...
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Becoming a teacher requires effective practice
By Christopher Reid Why Practice? Many people hear practice and think the stakes are low. Indeed, practice implies that the main event has yet...
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