Jobless Rate Remains Less Than 4 Percent In Waco

Good news: Waco’s unemployment rate continues to drop. The local economy provided 1,100 more jobs for residents since January of last year, according to the Texas Workforce Commission and the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The increase in jobs includes employment created both by the private and public sectors.

“We are always looking to increase the number of jobs we have available,” said David Davis, operations manager of Texas Workforce Solutions, a Prosper Waco affiliate. The organization offers services and resources to jobseekers, employers, veterans, youth and parents in need of child care.

According to Kris Collins, senior vice president of economic development for the Greater Waco Chamber of Commerce, people have become encouraged about their job prospects and are resuming their search of employment.

One of the goals of the Prosper Waco initiative is to decrease the number of disengaged 16 to 24 year-olds by connecting 900 youth to employment opportunities. The increase in jobs over 2015 is a step in the right direction.

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