Overarching Goal:

McLennan County will reach the top quartile (60th or better) of Texas counties in Quality of LIfe (currently 187th) and Health Behaviors (currently 116th) in Robert Wood Johnson Foundation County Health Rankings. 

  • Access to Care: Decrease the percentage of people utilizing the ER as a source of primary care
  • Access to Care: Increase percentage of people covered by health insurance.
  • Obesity: Decrease the percentage of Waco-area adults and children considered overweight or obese.
  • Women’s Health: Reduce disparities of poor birth outcomes measured by low birth weight.
  • Women’s Health: Increase percentage of women receiving annual preventative care.
  • Women’s Health: Reduce the rate of teen pregnancy across all racial groups.
  • Mental Health: Improve “poor mental health days” of Waco residents.
  • Mental Health: Decrease use of ER for mental health treatment.