Getting On Board With Collective Impact

Collective impact is catching fire all over the world…even in Australia, where advocate for social change and Director for Strategic Engagement at Uniting, Doug Taylor is working. Organizations are moving to a collective impact model to make more effective, large-scale change. In this article, Taylor shares his thoughts on what works for larger nonprofits using collective impact strategies.

Taylor’s suggestions come from years of involvement with and reflection on collective impact. One of the most important aspects of making collective impact work is to have the organizations who deliver the majority of services in the community be a part of the conversation. It is also vital that organizations be willing to refocus on the basics of social change and look beyond the delivery of services to the fundamental changes they hope to see in the community. Lastly, a collective impact initiative needs to strategically engage the most influential organizations in the community in their efforts. Whether this has to be done from the outside or inside, their involvement will be invaluable to the collective impact initiative as a whole.

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