Waco ISD Parenting Education Program

Waco ISD provides social work, health, and home instruction services to pregnant and parenting students to provide extra support for successful completion of school. Services include: assessment of student needs, individual and group counseling, transportation assistance, assistance locating resources, monitoring of grades, behavior and attendance, child development and parenting information, and assistance with child care subsidy and child support. Health services include: health monitoring by campus nurse, health related accommodations on campus, regular weight and vital sign checks, and referral to health resources. They also offer home instruction services up to 6 weeks from date of delivery. Home instruction services include: provision of certified teacher as liaison between student and campus, 4 hours of weekly home instruction, collection and delivery of school assignments to student’s home, and assistance with transition back to school. Contact student’s school for more information.

Address: 501 Franklin Ave Waco TX 76703
Phone: 254-755-9473