First Ever Local Health Data Dashboard Is Coming To Waco

The first ever local health data dashboard is coming to Waco thanks to a partnership between the National Resource Network, New York University, Waco-McLennan County Public Health District, Baylor Scott and White Hillcrest Medical Center, Providence Health Center and Prosper Waco. This dashboard, which will be accessible to the community, will allow Waco residents to see where, as a community we are with issues like public safety, mental health, obesity and access to healthy foods. There will be three other cities involved in this pilot health project-Flint, Michigan; Providence, Rhode Island; and Kansas City, Missouri.

This project directly relates to the health impact area within the Prosper Waco initiative. On our website, we have the Prosper Waco Data Dashboard with data from the county level. The local health data dashboard will feature data from the city level, which will allow more indicators to be tracked than at the county-level.

For more information on the data dashboard, please email Brittany Fitz-Chapman

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