Family of Faith Worship Center Christian Academy

A local church has created its very own full-day childcare academy. Family of Faith Worship Center Christian Academy will serve children ages three to five and will operate from 7AM to 5:30 PM Monday through Friday.

“Children, I consider them as a sponge. They’re grasping and taking everything in, whether it’s beneficial or not. They’re clinging to that and they model what they see,” Ruben Andrade, Jr., Senior Pastor at Family of Faith Worship Center, said. “I believe it’s essential parents place their children in some type of Head Start program, or a preschool they can afford, to invest in their children’s future. It’s now they need to lay that educational foundation and not have them fall behind.”

The efforts of Family of Faith Worship Center’s childcare center directly address the School Readiness goal of Prosper Waco.

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