Education is one of the three impact areas identified as an important issue in the Waco community. The Education Steering Committee has been meeting for the past four months to collaboratively identify the key issues within education.

The Steering Committee set the overarching goal for education as:

The Greater Waco community will build an environment that promotes lifelong educational attainment for all residents beginning at birth. The successful outcome of our work will be a 15 percent increase in the number of area residents who complete a post-secondary degree or certificate that prepares them for a successful career and productive citizenship by 2020.

To ensure the Waco community successfully reaches the broad, overarching education goal, two specific measurable goals have been created.

Goal 1: Kindergarten Readiness
Increase the percentage of Kindergarten-ready students by 50 percent over the current baseline.

Goal 2: Post-Secondary Success
Double the percentage of economically-disadvantaged students who complete a workforce certificate or college degree.

Family Engagement plays a large part in ensuring children are successful in their academic careers. Therefore, a Family Engagement working group has been created, although no measurable goal has been set at this time.

The working groups for Kindergarten Readiness, Post-Secondary Success, and Family Engagement have met and are starting the creative process of collectively determining strategies to reach the goals.

Below are the minutes from Kindergarten Readiness, Post-Secondary Success, and Family Engagement working groups. If you would like to join an education working group, please contact our Community Engagement Coordinator, Jillian, at

Kindergarten Readiness
WG Summary 7.21.2015

Post-Secondary Success
WG Summary 7.16.2015
WG Summary 8.6.2015

Family Engagement
WG Summary 7.9.2015
WG Summary 7.23.2015

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