Commentary: Flint Shows Need For Innovative City-State Partnerships

Partnerships between cities and states can enable communities to face long-term economic challenges that don’t have simple solutions. That kind of cooperation is what is happening in Waco through the Prosper Waco initiative and the National Resource Network, which provides cost-cutting technical assistance to cities around the country.

The National Resource Network experts are helping Prosper Waco to map out effective strategies to create measurable improvement in the areas of education, health and financial security. The network efforts intend to use the city’s existing resources to realize these goals.

When cities and states are not on the same page, the effects can be devastating. A recent example of this is the case of Flint, Michigan: where the state takeover of finances directly led to the public health crisis concerning clean drinking water. With this in mind, governors should be giving special attention to their most economically challenged cities.

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