The collective impact model focuses on nonprofit organizations, churches, employers, government agencies and civic groups collaborating together to reach the goals within the initiative. “Must Reads” center around the collective impact model. “In The News” articles align with the Prosper Waco initiative.

Wendy Cox, guest columnist: Let’s take health care into the 21st century
In this Waco Trib article, Wendy Cox of Waco’s Family Health Center talks about how our health care system needs to get with the...
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Why People Like Where They Live
Excerpt from the September 2018 Keller Center Research Report (Volume 11, Issue 3): Community and individual-level factors affect the satisfaction a person derives from...
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4 of 5 Transformation Waco schools off state’s ‘improvement required’ list
Excerpt from a Waco Trib article: Four out of five Transformation Waco schools are no longer on the Texas Education Agency’s dreaded “improvement-required” list,...
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Special Programming – ON THE RECORD – KWBU 103.3 FM
  Listen to the first joint interview between Waco ISD’s Superintendent, Dr. A. Marcus Nelson, and Prosper Waco Executive Director, Dr. Matthew Polk, detailing...
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Kids Practice Reading to Shy Shelter Dogs at Missouri Humane Society
According to ABC News, the Shelter Buddies Reading Program, which started back in December, has been a beneficial way for children ages six through...
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H-E-B’s shy billionaire explains why he’s donating $100 million to improve Texas schools
According to the news article, H-E-B’s shy billionaire explains why he’s donating $100 million to improve Texas schools, published by Dallas News on February...
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