Did you know that people who don’t have bank accounts are about six times more likely to use check-cashing services than people who do?

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The Bank On Waco coalition is a partnership of multiple banks and non-profit organizations dedicated to increasing access to the mainstream financial system. The Bank On initiative is a national project of the Cities for Financial Empowerment Fund with the support of some of the country’s biggest banks. The Bank On initiative includes the creation of national account standards that define financial products (such as checking and savings accounts) that are beneficial for lower-income individuals. By offering accounts that meet most or all of the Bank On account standards, banks can not only attract more customers but also provide low-income individuals the tools necessary to avoid high-cost or ‘predatory’ financials products such as check cashing and payday loans. Bank On coalition partners work together to coordinate financial education efforts and make community members aware of the opportunity to open low-cost accounts provided by Bank On partner banks.


The Bank On Waco coalition focuses on increasing access to financial education among local students, employees, and clients of non-profit organizations. The bank accounts offered in connection with the Bank On initiative are designed to benefit unbanked and underbanked community members (individuals who sometimes or frequently utilize high-cost financial services like check cashing or payday loans rather than the services of a traditional bank). The Bank On Waco coalition is committed to increasing the overall financial education and awareness of Waco-area residents.


Individuals who open and use a Bank On bank account have access to a range of low-cost tools and services that allow them to avoid high-cost financial services like check cashing or payday loans). This allows low-income individuals to keep more of their money and increases the chance that they will be able to weather financial storms and even begin to save for the future. The Bank On Waco coalition tracks its impact by measuring the number of local individuals who receive financial education and the number of Bank On bank accounts opened through the outreach efforts of coalition partners.