Another Place Where K-12 Funders Are Keen to Connect the Dots for Greater Impact

In the realm of education, a source of frustration among funders is uncoordinated, duplicative efforts that don’t get the desired results. One solution to this problem is collecting impact: aligning multiple programs and projects to reach educational goals, including improved standardized test scores, higher graduation rates and greater college readiness.

Collective impact in education has recently been in the news because of a new multi-funder coalition known as Minnesota Comeback. Earlier this month, it announced $2.7 million in grants to support higher-quality education in Minneapolis schools. Funders are looking to Minnesota Comeback to coordinate their investments.

The power of collective impact is wide reaching and the K-12 funding landscape is vast. Greater coordination among funders through umbrella groups such as Minnesota Comeback and Prosper Waco is a promising way to bring about measurable change.

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