Activist Wants To Bring Head Start Program To East Waco

Shirley Langston, Executive Director of Restoration Haven Inc., Waco Housing Authority and Economic Opportunities Advancement Corporation are looking at what steps need to be taken to bring a Head Start program to the East Waco community. More than 200 children ages 0-5 live in Estella Maxey, an East Waco public housing development, and would benefit greatly from having a Head Start program within the housing development. Waco Housing Authority is producing and distributing a survey to gauge Estella Maxey residents’ interest in having a Head Start program.

Matthew Polk, Executive Director of Prosper Waco, said this type of effort is one that Prosper Waco hopes to encourage. “We are looking at what are all the ways we can help kids and families be better for school success,” Polk said.

One of Prosper Waco’s educational goals is to increase the number of children ready for kindergarten by 50 percent above the current baseline by 2020. Visit our Education Data Dashboard to view the indicators we are tracking.

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