The Vision & Mission
The mission of Prosper Waco is to build an environment in which all members of our Waco community are able to measurably improve their...


EMPLOYMENT STATUS: Exempt/ Nonexempt, Full time

DEPARTMENT: Administration

RESPONSIBILITY: The Content Specialist develops, coordinates and executes projects and initiatives which advance benchmark indicators in health for Prosper Waco. The Content Specialist for Health will implement and coordinate a network of health professionals to research and design a community program to provide cost effective upstream social intervention to improve health and reduce costs.

REPORTS TO: Chief Executive Officer ( CEO)

RELATES TO: Chief Operating Officer, Content Specialists, Director of Research, Interns. Constituencies of Prosper Waco and its governance bodies.

SUPERVISES: Part-time employees, contractors and interns.

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The Parent Educator will be responsible for assisting the implementation of district parent involvement/education activities and programs, including:

    • Conducts parent training sessions and parent group meetings in a variety of settings that provide parents with the needed information, skills, and support to positively
      impact their child’s success in school.
    • Makes monthly personal home visits to families served by the Parents As Teachers Program and maintains a required number of families on caseload.
    • Arranges for and participates in developmental testing for children in the Inspiracion program.
    • Participates in the development of newsletters activity calendars, pamphlets and other forms of communication to provide information to parents.
    • Plans and implements procedures to identify and recruit families to participate in parent education/involvement activities.
    • Assists in the management of parent resource centers and informs parents of its availability and use.

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2018 Prosper Waco Initiative Report

This report is a “one-stop shop” for residents, organizations, employers and others to learn about the history of the Prosper Waco initiative, efforts addressing the community’s goals, key partners advancing the work of the initiative and the opportunities for residents and organizations to get involved in improving overall quality of life in our community. 

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