The collective impact model focuses on nonprofit organizations, churches, employers, government agencies and civic groups collaborating together to reach the goals within the initiative. “Must Reads” center around the collective impact model. “In The News” articles align with the Prosper Waco initiative.

Kids Practice Reading to Shy Shelter Dogs at Missouri Humane Society
According to ABC News, the Shelter Buddies Reading Program, which started back in December, has been a beneficial way for children ages six through...
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H-E-B’s shy billionaire explains why he’s donating $100 million to improve Texas schools
According to the news article, H-E-B’s shy billionaire explains why he’s donating $100 million to improve Texas schools, published by Dallas News on February...
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How Investing in Preschool Beats The Stock Market, Hands Down
According to a new paper published in December 2016, The Life-Cycle Benefits of an Influential Early Childhood Program, co-authored by Nobel laureate James Heckman,...
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2015-2016 Initiative Report
The Prosper Waco 2015-2016 Initiative Report was distributed at the 2016 Prosper Waco Summit on September 19. The Initiative Report highlights the progress the...
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Another Place Where K-12 Funders Are Keen to Connect the Dots for Greater Impact
In the realm of education, a source of frustration among funders is uncoordinated, duplicative efforts that don’t get the desired results. One solution to...
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Business Has The Power To Drive Social Change
Shared value guru Mark Kramer said he’s reached a startling realization: that business has the power and the potential to drive social change. At...
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